7 Ways To Do Pullups For A Stronger And More Powerful Back

7 Ways To Do Pullups

You would be hard-pressed to find a more challenging, yet rewarding and beneficial exercise than a pull-up. This historical drill not only pulverizes your lats, rhomboids and biceps, but it also takes a very positive toll on your abs. All this being said, there are a handful of variations you can use to spice things […]

7 Reasons To Start Working Out!

“I don’t know how to use the equipment.”  “People are going to judge me.”  “I’m scared.”  “I’m not fit enough.”  “I don’t have the money.”  “I don’t have the time.”  “I’ve always failed at this before.”  These are only a few of the many reasons women are hesitant to start working out – whether that […]

5 Warning Signs You’re Overtraining

Most fitness coaches will warn you about overtraining, or pushing your body past the point of healthy recovery. Studies suggest that overtraining is real, but easily avoidable if you’re as dedicated to your recovery as you are your training. Are you working hard or are you driving yourself into the ground? Let’s take a look […]